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Off-Campus Housing by WMU

Off-Campus Housing by WMU

If you are a new or returning student to Western Michigan University, you have likely thought about whether or not to live in a dorm or live off-campus. This guide breaks down the benefits of off-campus housing, what to look for, and frequently asked student questions.  

Why Choose Off-Campus Housing?  

Many students prefer off-campus housing at Western Michigan University because it gives students more control, better accommodations, and better bang for their buck.  


When you choose off-campus housing, gone are the days of sharing one room with a practical stranger or a bathroom with an entire hall. Instead, you can get your own bedroom and have a better bathroom-to-people ratio!  


If you miss your dog at home, off-campus housing can also be a great option because pets are allowed! See our pet policy for more information! 

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When you live off campus, you can see the increased levels of independence and all the amenities of your new apartment community, like having a pool, washer, and dryer.  


Here at the Bronco Club, we are intentionally designed to meet your needs! You have questions, and we have answers. See below some of our frequent student-asked questions about our off-campus housing by WMU.  

Frequently Asked Questions 


Are You Walking Distance from Western Michigan University? 

The Bronco Club is 0.5 miles from WMU, which is approximately an 11-minute walk. 


How Far Away is Western Michigan University by Bus/Car?  

The Bronco Club is a 2-minute drive from WMU. 


Do You Offer Student Discounts?  

No – we do offer roommate matching though 


Do You Rent Apartments by the Bedroom?

Yes – we offer by-the-bedroom and full home leases. 


Do You Have Flexible Leases?  

We do not offer flexible lease terms at this time. However, this may be changing in the near future


When Can I Move In? How Does Move In Work?  

We offer one move-in date at the end of August. We will communicate with each resident what is required at the time of move-in and what time they should arrive. Our team will be outside to check you in and get your paperwork completed and your keys to you. 


How Does Income Verification Work for Students? 

If a student does not have any income or does not meet the income requirements, we can add a Guarantor to the lease. An approved Guarantor will be financially responsible for the lease. 

More Things to Consider When Living Off-Campus

Lease Terms: One downside of on-campus housing is that oftentimes, once the school year ends, you need to find a new place to live in the Summer, especially if you find an internship in Kalamazoo. Living off campus makes it easier to live here year-round and for multiple years, saving you the hassle of having to move every nine months.  

Furnishings: While dorms and other on-campus housing come with furniture, living off-campus means you can choose what furniture you fill your surroundings with. Furniture can often be acquired cheaply, especially at the end of a school year when other students are moving and trying to find homes for their furniture.  

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Proximity: When looking for off-campus housing, proximity matters. The Bronco club is just a 2-minute drive or an 11-minute walk, which will help you feel a part of the campus community, and on the days you sleep in a little too long, you'll love the short commute and being able to get to class or on campus meetings fast. Proximity is also essential on all those snowy days in winter when you won't want to travel far on bad roads. Speaking of snow, when you live at the Bronco Club, you'll never have to shovel the driveway! 

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Roommates: Living with roommates is a great way to save money as a student! Whether you already have a group that you want to live with or are still looking, the Bronco Club is a great place to be. With 2-6 bedroom townhomes, we can accommodate a variety of different-sized groups. If you haven't found a group to live with, we also offer roommate matching and can rent you just one bedroom!  

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Find Your Off-Campus Apartment by WMU

Finding off-campus housing near Western Michigan University can be intimidating. Here at the Bronco Club, we understand your student needs and have the townhomes by WMU that you are looking for. We invite you to come tour and apply today!  !